Email is not working and I don't understand the tutorial

I just switched to cloudflare and have been wasting my whole day trying to get my email to work on my iphone. I looked at the tutorial and I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT! I’m not a techie at that level but I NEED MY EMAIL. Please, can someone please tell me what to do? I added the “A” with the Bluehost IP and greyed out so it’s DNS only but it still won’t work. The MX is in there, too. SOOOO CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED

I took a screenshot

Set imap, pop, smtp, and ftp to :grey: (FTP doesn’t have anything to do with mail, but FTP needs to be :grey:)

p.s. Just click on the :orange: to change it to :grey:


you are a GENIUS!! THANK YOU for making it simple!


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