Email is not working again/every time

Hello, Cloud
Hope you are safe from Corona.

I’m having an issue with my email service. It is not working/ sending/ receiving / nothing. Just showing a failure message or taking too much time to send but fail at the end.

First I thought, I’ll send emails from cPanel. I don’t care if it’s not working! But now, as I have many downloads button on my website where visitors need to enter their email address to get the download link in their mail. That’s why, email service is important. I configured a/mx records by watching your YouTube video:

Why don’t you do anything permanent as this is a very common issue for all of us from decade to decade…

Now Can you/ Will you help me?

Hi @help_hsn,

The IP address you have put in your Mail A record is incorrect. That is a Cloudflare IP, you need to put your server IP there instead.

Now? still not working…

SMTP connect() failed. github(dot)com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshootin

continuously irritating me this error message…

As long as any mail services are connecting over your :grey: mail hostname, Cloudflare is not involved here.

why you finish your talking in one or few lines??? can’t you specify fully? It’s like I have to buy SSL to get rid of the issue… By the way, you all are very rude.

  1. Who was rude?
  2. If you expect immediate solutions instead of advice, then you should not post in a forum but rather seek out a consultant and keep a tight wallet ready.
  3. Shall I forward to you the payment details of @domjh?
  4. I believe you might want to adjust your behaviour towards people on the Internet as well as your expectations when it comes to people volunteering their free time to help you with your problems.
  5. I might be wrong, but I guess the desire of the regulars of this forum (who are typically extremely helpful) to help you suddenly dropped in free fall like Jaws in Moonraker, not sure the desire will have a similar comeback.

one or two lines when you reply but more than five lines when criticizing… wow! And you got likes on your post, (clap, glad for you).

Keep a tight wallet ready… if I need to keep a wallet ready then why should I add my site to you? I can buy SSL instead…

So sorry! this is my last post. I’ll never seek out any help, anymore…

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