Email is not receiving but sending is ok


i have a weird issue here

i have two domains connected to cloudflare both of them has the same dns configuration one of them is working just fine in everything but the other one has an issue in email message receiving but the sending process is ok

this is the working one

this is the one with issue

*different ips - different hosting (same on godaddy)

this is the error message that i’m getting while trying to send a test email from another gmail account to this domain

so please can you help me here
thanks in advanced

this is the one with issue

this is the error message

Hi @webahmed.edition,

If you pause Cloudflare, does the issue still occur?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

no it didn’t solve it

I don’t think it’s a Cloudlfare or a DNS issue. The server is there and responding, but doesn’t look properly configured. Do you have some sort of forwarding set up?

no there are nothing like this

Issue is solved by Godaddy they set the email routing from remote to automatic and its solve the issue. thanks

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