Email is not Propagating

Hello I am trying to get my email set up. It is not propogating. I think I may have accidently deleted an MX file and that may be why its happening. How can I get support to help me? Thank you!

Your mail host should be able to tell which MX record(s) you need.

Here are some other general tips to keep in mind with DNS records for email:

I have done all these things. Email still not working. What do you suggest?

What’s the domain?

Here is some info I am getting.

But I do have a MX record.

It even says you’re missing an “A” record, which I see as the third entry on your DNS screenshot. And I can’t tell if there’s a typo anywhere. At least my eyes aren’t picking it up. Maybe another @MVP can spot the problem(s).

If not, we can bump this to the escalation queue, or maybe @weronika is still around and can take a peek.

Yes, so you can see why I am confused. GoDaddy is my email provider they were also confused. So I don’t know where to go to for help?

What are the two nameservers on your account? (They are at the bottom of the page you gave the screenshot for earlier)

Are they:
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Even so, why would the DNS screen warn about missing MX and “A” records when I can see them farther down? I didn’t think that Cloudflare ran those checks over public DNS – it’s just looking at the records in that zone.

According to Support, @michael’s hunch is correct. This isn’t the account where that domain is active.


Well my website is at and I did use those nameservers to begin with but then my website didn’t show up. Kajabi asked me to use different name servers so I did.

My domain is at GoDaddy. My website is hosted with Kajabi.

I was on the phone with GoDaddy today and they could not figure out why it’s not working. Can Cloudflare help me or what are my next steps to find a solution?
Thank you!

If you’re using different name servers, then the records you’re inputting won’t do anything.

In that case, Kajabi controls your DNS and you’ll have to ask them.


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