Email is not forwarding

Email forwarding for my domain is not working all of a sudden. The last email that was successfully forwarded was 4 hours ago. Nothing is showing failed to forward it’s just stopped coming into cloudflare at all.


Same thing happening to me. Last email I received was about 5 hours ago. I’m sending myself emails with my working email and they’re not getting through


Same here, I have a few domains with lots of email traffic and they suddenly stopped forwarding 8-9 hours ago.


I did a test email online that gives feedback and it showed a status of “deferred”. I looked up what that means and it was something about my email not accepting an email because of too many emails being sent.
Cloudflare has a problem obviously. How do we escalate this?


Please, if someone has any idea how to escalate this issue to cloudflare tech team, do let us know, as this is causing some serious issues for me and my users.


Experiencing the same issue. Emails being “deferred”, not even showing up in Activity Log on the control panel. Degraded service? This should be on Cloudflare Status.


Same problem for me.

Encountering the same problem

me too!!!

Thank you all for the reports, we have an active incident for this issue which you can track here: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Email Routing Issues

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Email started arriving. Resolved?

It says they are still implementing a fix, but it’s been 3 hours.

A couple test emails I sent about 9 hours ago just arrived.

Yeah, seems like mails start to route now.

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We have marked the incident as resolved: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Email Routing Issues

Any emails that were not received should be coming back now as external mail servers complete retries. Please allow some time for missed mail to come through fully.

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