Email is coming in 5 minutes


I am using Gmail SMTP on my website, and before using Cloudflare, my emails used to arrive instantly and very quickly.

Now the emails are reaching after 3-4 minutes. I spoke to my hosting provider, but they said it’s not related to them.

I contacted Gmail, and they conducted a thorough investigation during a Meet meeting and said that there is no issue on the Gmail Workspace mail side.

Could this be related to Cloudflare?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance as this situation is causing me to lose users.

Users are in such a hurry they can’t wait 3–4 (or even 5 as the title suggests) minutes for an email!?

Humanity really astounds me.

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Why should I cause delays and give my users a slow website impression while 95% of internet sites deliver emails instantly? The internet has reached significant heights, and even 15 seconds for an email to arrive is considered too slow…

Really!? Since when? According to whom?


The only thing I can think of is a faulty primary mx record. If the primary target is unavailable, the sender might try the alternate a bit later.

You should be able to see which server accepts your mails in the headers.

It seems like you are still using Windows 7

My MX records are correct, both the hosting and Google have checked it multiple times

Not sure what Gmail SMTP is in this context. If a user sending mail has access to their diagnostics you might be able to determine if there is an issue by reviewing their logs if they choose to share them with you. Or if this is mail being sent by your website to your mailbox you can review your own MTA logs for errors or issues.



That’s interesting

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