Email help?

The email address I have set up that is associated with my domain is not working - GoDaddy is where i initially set up / registered my domain & email. I cannot make changes to DNS records there as my nameserver is here at cloudflare. Is this where I need to modify / add DNS records? Can you please help / advise how I can get my email working? Thank you

Probably, yes. If you can give the domain we can check.

For login issues, try these steps…

If you are unable to recover access to your Cloudflare account you will need to create another one and change the nameservers set at Godaddy to point to those for your new account instead.

Yes, please check, My domain is:

Yes, your registrar is Godaddy, your DNS is on Cloudflare. You have no mail DNS records at all.

(Sorry, I read your original email as saying you can’t access your Cloudflare account, but seems you are just setting up email at Godaddy. If so, just add the records they tell you are needed to your Cloudflare account’s DNS).

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