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I transferred my domain to Cloudflare and when I was with Ionos I received 5 free emails however after updating the MX records I no longer receive emails from them is there a way to still keep access to those emails and use Cloudflare? Or just bring them all to Cloudflare either way?

Not sure if this is possible but can i leave the MX records with ionos and still use them if the rest are pointing to Cloudflare? (in short should i just leave the old MX records as is.)

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Yes. This is a good solution for your current setup.

You cannot mix Cloudflare Email Routing with other email service. You typically only need to use Cloudflare Email Routing when you don’t already have domain email. Cloudflare Email Routing is a forwarding solution that allows inbound domain email to be delivered to an external mailbox in another domain.

By keeping your existing MX records, your existing mailboxes should continue to work.

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Thanks so much for such a speedy response I will switch it back now. Really appreciate it.

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