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I switched my email hosting to a paid GMail account on Friday. I added all the DNS records for them per their instructions. I can access the email account via the gmail website but I can send emails but can’t receive. If I send myself an email I don’t get auto rejected but do finally get an error like this:

Delivery incomplete

There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email protected] . Gmail will retry for 45 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
The response was:

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I need my email to work.

Those MX records sure don’t look right. I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have your domain tacked onto the end.

my domain isn’t actually listed on the mx record. This is what shows up when you look up the mx records for my domain. CloudFlare is adding it to the end of the mx record automatically.

Here is how it is actually listed on cloudflare

Does that DNS records screen also show Logan and Maya are the name servers?

Yes, it says that in the webs. com “set-up” for name servers.
logan. ns. cloudflare. com
maya. ns. cloudflare. com

and in cloudfare it says
elsa. ns. cloudflare. com
grant. ns. cloudflare. com

Please review all of the MX records and make sure to remove the trailing from all of them.

Please make sure to review on the correct Cloudflare account, the one that has the nameservers as they’re set as your registrar.

Alex M. he/him/his | Technical Support Engineer

This is a problem. You’re making changes on Elsa and Grant, but your public DNS is using Logan and Maya. That domain is using two different accounts.

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