Email Help! I've Tried Everything!

Please help!

On Tuesday for no reason that I can fathom my email on my desktop stopped working. I have spoken with GoDaddy and they say it’s a DNS issue and I’m on a free Cloudflare account so I cant get phone support.

I am accessing my email on chrome browser latest version. I am receiving email as I hear the bing and get a red notification but my feed never updates. Emails are still coming to my phone so that works. I can send email but my feed is just not updating. Its gotta be a browser issue but I’ve tried clearing cache restaring updating everything.

Please can you help?

You need to have all your email DNS records as :grey:

Thank you!

So the ones named Autodiscover and Email?

I also have this warning which Im not sure is of relevance


The DNS records I would start with are any that you were told to set by Microsoft

My guess is they are:

  • autodiscover
  • _domainconnect
  • lyncdiscover
  • msoid
  • sip

These you don’t care about proxying through Cloudflare

That is a warning because you have a :orange: and :grey: DNS record with similar content. You can ignore it

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Thanks you so much I will try this and report back!

Hey Just checking should I do email too?

Yes. Please everything thats email related.

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