Email from Protonmail

I have had two people who use protonmail try to email me and I do not see these emails in my Cloudflare email forwarding panel coming in at all. I emailed from my own Protonmail account to a forwarder I have set up and I am not receiving the emails and they do not show up in the portal either. I am getting other emails but not the ones sent from Proton. Anyone else have this issue?

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I did have one person send me a bounce message they received at Proton. It says:

Action: delayed
Status: 4.7.5
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Server certificate not verified

I don’t know if that is Cloudflare’s cert or the one I use on my server.

I sent two emails from my Protonmail account to one hosted at Cloudflare to forward. Those emails never show up in my Cloudflare portal and are never forwarded. I can’t get in touch with Cloudflare to look into this because I’m not a paid user. It seems like blocking Protonmail is a BAD idea.