Email forwarding verification not received


I use email routing for several domains. Verifying most of the email addresses worked like a charm, however I cannot verify one email address, the verification email simply doesn’t arrive.
We use Proofpoint Essentials for spam filtering, I am constantly having an eye on the logs, but it seems that the email does not show up anywhere.
This might not be a topic for a public forum, but I am only on Pro, so I am not entitled to open a case with support. So what would be the right way to address such an issue? I understand how email routing works and how to configure it, so I am not looking for additional e.g. documentation, but I would rather need somebody to look into this from Cloudflare support.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Stefan Beye

Pro is allowed to open support requests. The SLO is 5 days, so it is often faster to use the Community. If your email address is on a suppression list, it will require intervention from Cloudflare to resolve.

If you have Proofpoint Essentials, why employ Cloudflare Email Routing? I would expect you to see far better results by simply using the Proofpoint Essentials MX records.

Thank you for your answer. I will try again, but I am pretty sure that I was not allowed to open a ticket with Cloudflare support.

Regarding Cloudflare Email Routing vs. Proofpoint Essentials: we use Cloudflare Email Routing for several domains to redirect emails to the ones hosted on Proofpoint Essentials, so we simply have to different use cases and went for two different products.

I understand different use cases. While I have some that involve email forwarding, I prefer to avoid it whenever possible due to it being rendered effectively useless by DMARC in all but the narrowest scenarios.

If you get a ticket number, you can always share it in this topic, so we can make sure that it is seen.

It is [-] 2752328 , let’s see how this works out.

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Hi there it looks like the issue was resolved. We will close this out.

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