Email forwarding verification email link not valid

Yeah, if you’re getting the error in the dash bafore sending it then this should work.

If you’re still getting an error when you actually click the link then let me know.

The team are aware of people still experiencing issues, there is a status update here. Please follow that for updates.

This issue is now resolved on the statuspage.

I activated the email service via Cloudflare and edited my MX records as requested. I add my e-mail to the address to be forwarded, and the confirmation e-mail comes. When I click on the verify button in the verification mail, I get the verification failed error and I tried this in a few emails. Can anyone help?

Now getting Internal Server Error (Code: 10000) when trying to add the email route. It’s … not resolved :confused: Bummer that this keeps being “resolved” when it’s not.

Edit: verification is going through, but the errors on the dash still pop up

Whenever I try To Verify My Domain’s Routing Email By Reading Cloudfares email, It Says Something Went Wrong. I have tried it more than 10+ times. And the problem still persists . Hoping That SoemOne Could Help Me Solve This

When did you last try? There was an outage with verifying emails earlier, but it should be solved.

I just Even Tried with Another Email . Just Right Now, And It Keeps Returning The Same error.

Email [email protected] with this info. You’ll probably get an auto close response. Post the ticket number here and we can escalate.

Ohk, I’ll Try It. Thank You:)

I have Sent My Request And have received a reply from Cloudflare with a ticket Number of #2524423 .
So Please Help Me To Solve This Error Asap!.

I have escalated your ticket.

I keep trying to verify my new destination email for email forwarding for my domain. But when I keep clicking re-send the verification email. All I get is an internal server error. Any ideas on what to do?

If you are getting a red error at the bottom of the dashboard them please try logging out/in and if that doesn’t work in an incognito/private window.

If you were getting an error when you clicked the verification link then please try again now and let us know if you still have issues.

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