Email forwarding verification email link not valid

Hi. I am trying to setup email forwarding. I am receiving email validation link from Cloudflare on destination email account but every time I click on ‘verify email address’ button, error occurs which states the following:

Oops! This link isn’t valid.

Go to the Email Forwarding page to resend a verification email.


I have this problem as well and it still persists.

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I seem to be able to confirm this issue so I’m escalating it to Support.

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I have the same issue that verification email link does not seem to work

Having the same issue as well

No matter how much i try - i can’t verify any email address in Email(beta).

Oops! This link isn’t valid.

Go to the Email Forwarding page to resend a verification email.

Should i have a paid plan for that?


Having the same problem as well

Thanks for the reports everyone, I will update this thread with any information I receive from support.

FYI - this affects adding new contacts to registrar as well.

Hi @scott.buscemi,

Thanks for this, can you confirm this is when trying to add a new contact and the verification email it sends? Do you see the same ‘Oops! This link isn’t valid.’ error?

I’ve just tried it myself and seems I can reproduce this as well.

That’s correct

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Thank you, I have also reproduced this and reported that it’s causing the same issue for Registar contact verification.

Hi, Email Destination addresses is not verify. Can you help me please?

+1, same behaviour when i try to verify any destination email

These issues are currently being investigated by the relevant team.

This should now be resolved, if you resend the verification emails they should work as expected now. Thank you everyone for reporting.

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I can’t send the verification email still - “Unexpected error (Code: 2002)”

I tried removing the address and re-adding but had the same error. This isn’t resolved.

Can you try this in a private window as well? I’m unable to reproduce any more so I’m wondering if this is a dashboard thing rather than an email verification thing.

To clarify as well, are you trying to change the whois contact info from one email to another?

The error above was for adding an email address to email routing.

(I’m trying to do both email routing AND change a whois contact - bad luck day for me :slight_smile: )

EDIT: Just worked in an Incognito Window…

+1 can confirm aswell.