Email forwarding - some in error with "SPF status: none"

I have a wildcard email forward from @ to my real email address. For the most part it works fine but as of a couple of days ago, some emails don’t reach me. These are emails from senders that were received with no problem before (they’re both newsletters I signed up to)

The only difference that I see is that they have an SFP status of “none” and Cloudflare marks them as being in error.

Is this Cloudflare being more strict and is there any way I can relax the rules so they get through?


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I believe, as in the thread SPF/DKIM/DMARC on the dashboard are none, that you are referring to this place?

If so, would you be able to share any actual sender domains, and perhaps also the message id’s, where you see this happening?

Personally, I see a consistent pattern of pass/neutral/etc, depending on the sender domain’s set up.

Can you possibly also share that actual error you see?

I haven’t heard about Cloudflare being more strict, … however, the final destination might be very strict, which I also shared some information about over here::

I believe, as in the thread [SPF/DKIM/DMARC on the dashboard are none]
none/449546/4), that you are referring to this place?

Yeah, I’m looking at email routing > activity log
One that has been failing consistently is from I used to receive an email every day up until March 20th.
Here’s what I see when I expand the message ID

Message ID: JxoSh4uKCgmh
Sender: [email protected]
Custom address: hcr@<mydomain>.com
Received: 7 hours ago
Result: Error
**SPF status** none
**DMARC status** fail
**DKIM status** neutral

If I look at the headers in the last email I received from substack, I see:
Authentication-Results:; spf=pass; dkim=neutral; dmarc=pass;

So I was guessing either substack changed or CF is being more strict on something.

Can you possibly also share that actual error you see?

It literally just says error (but the DMARC status of fail is highlighted underneath)