Email forwarding service description and pricing/limits

Can someone advise on the actual details of the email forwarding service.

Specifically interested in plans for priced vs free with limits.

Will there be a free tier and a paid tier, will there be limits on the free tier that we should be aware of.

For myself I have just setup my domain for forwarding but would like to get more information before I cancel my domain on the old forwarder site I was using.

Since it’s in beta, pricing isn’t finalized so we won’t know until it’s out of beta / close to being out of beta. You can follow future updates by subscribing to the Cloudflare blog newsletter or just bookmarking the ‘email routing’ tag of the blog


There must be some ideas on whether you plan to offer a free tier or not and limitations?
Do you also know how long the beta will last?
I would love to bring all my domain into one place and am paying for email forwarding at the moment but would like to reduce costs and do not want to switch to a solution that is currently free only to discover higher costs or unacceptable restrictions at a later date!

Judge doesn’t work for Cloudflare (nor do I), so we have no idea what the future holds for Email Routing. And I doubt that anybody who does know is allowed to say.

The purpose of Beta is to be a non-critical use preview and an opportunity for Cloudflare to make adjustments before they commit to general release. Now it not the time to make business decisions based on a beta release.

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