Email forwarding request *before* "pending nameserver update"

I currently have a domain registered at Cloudflare - and at this time I haven’t changed the nameservers at my registrar to point at the Cloudflare nameservers.

The reason for this is that I have an email forwarding service at my old DNS provider, so if I changed the nameservers now, I would lose a lot of emails until the email routing at Cloudflare is accepted.

I would like to request access to the email routing function at Cloudflare now - and when this request has been granted I will change the name server settings to Cloudflare.

However this isn’t allowed as the Email page says :
“This zone isn’t activated yet. Please make sure to point your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers before using Email Routing.”.

So I have the problem that when I change my name servers to Cloudflare I will loose mails, until the email routing is enabled - and I can’t request the email routing before I change my name servers.

This means, that I’m “caught between two stools”. Can I somehow request access to the ‘email routing’ before changing the name servers - as that would solve my problems ?

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

My advice would be to use something like improvmx as a stopgap, or even a permanent solution.

Reason being that 1) Most requests to activate that beta feature take a bit of time to approve, and 2) It might not even be possible to activate the feature on an inactive domain. I also know that improvmx will work as you transition your DNS to Cloudflare and you can do this right now.

Hi sdayman

Thanks for the tip, but I would prefer to have my services somehow ‘collected’ at not to many sites. And mail is kind of sensitive stuff.
Also I get the impression (but I could be wrong - i didn’t register - just read some help pages), that with improvmx all mails sent to my domain would be sent to one specific e-mail address. So if I understand the front-page correctly: if I sent a mail to bob@mydomain and james@mydomain both (and others) would be sent to my-one-and-only-specific-mail. Where I would like that bob@mydomain would be sent to for example [email protected] and james@mydomain to [email protected] and so on.
So therefore I hope I can ‘jump’ directly to Cloudflare (if - as you also mention - this is technicall possible). I guess it should be, because all DNS records could be created at Cloudflare in advance, and then I could change my nameservers at my registrar (… I think) :slight_smile:
But thank you very much for your advice and help !!!

Improvmx is similar to Email Routing here, but with a few more features. You can create several independent aliases that do what you describe. Their plans page say that you can have up to 25 aliases.

And here’s their privacy policy:

Probably the only person who can set this up here beforehand would be @sven2.

Just make sure your current MX records have a very low TTL, like 300 seconds (or less).

Hi sdayman

Ah - thanks for the info regarding the possibilities to forward different alias’ to different emails. I will keep this in mind, in case @sven2 cant’ help me as described in my first entry.
Thanks, and have a great day :slight_smile:

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