Email forwarding questions

I want to transfer my domain to Cloudflare but have questions about email forwarding.
1 - Do you provide free e-mail forwarding such as GoDaddy provides (100 email addresses that can be forwarded to any addresses I choose)
2 - How do I setup forwarding to avoid downtime when I leave GoDaddy and transfer to you
3 - Will all emails sent to my domain be forwarded or is there a filter that could cause some email (for example spam or certain attachments) not to be forwarded)?

Whether you call it Email Routing, or as with your words, “forwarding”, it would technically be referring to the exact same thing.

Stuff like e.g. the massive spam, phishing and malware distribution going on out there., has provided us with the result that more and more providers have become strict in regards to what they (want) receive, but unfortunately haven’t been much clear to their users about it.

Forwarding/(re)routing looks as a result, especially of that, to be a thing of the past.

If you can avoid it, I would rather suggest you to direct your mail traffic directly to the final destination, e.g. avoiding email forwarding/routing.

The Cloudflare Email Routing does allow you to do that:

How exactly is your current set up with GoDaddy? Where do you forward from, and where to?

You can set up Email Routing, and then once you are certain that your configuration on Cloudflare is correct, you can change the MX records to become the MX records for the Email Routing, and it will work once the DNS has propagated around the Internet…

Cloudflare will be attempting to route all messages to the final destination, however, if the final destination (e.g. Google / Gmail, or )Microsoft / Outlook is rejecting the message from Cloudflare, Cloudflare will likewise reject the transmission from the sender.

The final destination you may attempt to route/forward to, may however have very extensive filters.

Forwarding to the major “free” mails, such as Google / Gmail (e.g.,, …) and Microsoft / Outlook (e.g.,,, …) are very well known to be a hit and miss from time to time, and based on the many threads available out there, mostly a miss.

What and how the final destinations (e.g. Google / Gmail, Microsoft / Outlook, or whomever you use) do their things, and whether those things fit your use case, would be something you need to figure out with them.

Same applies if the final destination is rejecting your precious messages, it would be them you would need to escalate the issue to, and not Cloudflare.

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