Email forwarding for free?

I see that Cloudflare doesn’t handle emails at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a service that could it for free?

My domains are currently registered with 1and1, but Cloudflare is much cheaper. However, to drop 1and1 completely, I not only need to move my registration to Cloudflare, I need to find a substitute for the email forwarding that 1and1 currently provides, i.e., something@CustomDomain to forward to my Gmail account.

Any suggestion for a reliable but free (or super cheap) service to handle email forwarding while Cloudflare would handle DNS and domain registration?


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Best email forwarding service for 2023 (free and premium) might be a start.


I generally use Mailgun when friends want this. Forwarding is accomplished via ‘routes’ which are pretty powerful, supporting regex etc. The messages can be passed to multiple parties or POSTed to webhoooks etc. Obviously you can just use simple email address matching and forwarding if that’s all you want.

An account also gives you access to their SMTP server for outbound email along with support for SPF, DKIM (and hence DMARC). I did see one of the sending IPs allocated to me was on an MS blacklist recently but a quick line to support and they moved me, no dramas, and then resolved the issue.

For free (most cases), they’re great.

If you don’t mind paying and/or decide you want with IMAP/POP etc. instead of forwarding, then MXroute are nice (and cheap) and send the mail via MailChannels which is highly-regarded.


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