Email forwarding does not work

Hey there. I know the email feature is a beta but I have seen posts and threads here since August 2019 with the same problem and no solution… that is not nice.

I can see in the dashboard that the mail was received and it also says it was forwarded but never reached the target email address. That applies to all custom email addresses. The email DNS entries are all set up correctly.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? What could be the issue?

Are you sure they’re talking about the same thing? That feature was unveiled in September 2021.

If it said it was forwarded, then it probably made some connection to the destination server. Have you asked the mail admin there to check the logs?

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I also don’t know if we talk about the same thing.

That is my routing. The info mail is the real one for this domain.

As you can see here it says forwarded but there is nothing on my Gmail address:

Who should I ask what now?

Did you check the other folders of Gmail. It is possibly the email might have been dropped in some other folders like promotions, updates, spam, etc.

A few checks you can run:

  1. Is your DNS entries proxied? :orange:
  2. Check by disabling & reenabling again
  3. Check the MX records again

Of course, I checked all folders. I mean I tried it so many times…

All DNS entries are proxied.
The MX records are set to,, and

I see that you are forwarding to an domain email. Did you check in the webmail as well?

What do you mean?

[email protected] is my real email. The one of the provider. Even this forwarding does not work. But I can see that mails from [email protected] to [email protected] are signed by according to gmail.

This is not the point at all here. This has nothing to do with the problem. since you are using so called domain. de domain, you may have also access to its webmailer. Currently, you are using Gmail instead of webmail. You can also cross check there whether the emails were truly delivered.

You can also try whitelisting the sender id in the Gmail. So that they are not flagged by Gmail. Kindly note, this has been the problem lately for the Gmail users. I assume its not new.

Of course I have access to the webmailer of [email protected]. You can see it here:

But there is no mail.

I guess I understand everything wrong. What I thought was that I tell Cloudflare to catch all mails for [email protected] and just forward it to my gmail address. How it works, no idea. And I guess that is the problem. My domain provider is OVH. If you know how to check something please tell me.

Well, I found out what’s wrong. It seems to work. You have to know I have all my mail accounts in my main Gmail account and send the mails from gmail. So for example for my old university domain I say use [email protected] and send it to [email protected]. When I do this in Gmail I will not receive a mail somehow. But if I use my university webmailer directly it works well and I have a mail in gmail…

Maybe you can explain it?

Did you try in Gmail doing that?

This would mean you tell Cloudflare to catch all other emails in that domain and not just the one.

Is it a OVH cloud provider?

May I know what exactly is working for you now?

This is not your problem at all. The domain owner has the authority to control settings. Since, it is a university domain, its most likely, the forwards might have been blocked for certain purpose. However, that is possible only through web mail.

I have the feeling that we are talking at cross purposes.

Once again, the configuration is exactly the same as before on the screenshot. It does NOT work when I send a mail from Gmail to [email protected]. I do select the university email in Gmail as well, since I have it on file, but the mail will never arrive in the mailbox. It is the same mailbox where the email to [email protected] should end up.

But if I go directly to the webmailer of the university (Roundcube) and send a mail to [email protected] again, then it works immediately and in the mailbox of Gmail the mail lands.

This can’t have anything to do with the sender ID, because they arrive as just described.

It is not an OVH cloud provider. Only the domain is located there. I have even tested that it works when, for example, my father sends me a mail to [email protected] with his Gmail email address. This also works wonderfully.

Only when I send a mail from Gmail from the account into which the mail should be forwarded with any sender address, it does not work.

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