Email Forwarding DKIM Key

Currently, we are using email forwarding beta on a domain that is 100% Cloudflare environment (ie. registrar and DNS). Though, for some reason, our email forwards are being routing to Outlook spam. We have DNS records as recommended by Cloudflare during setup. I’ve read on another post that a DKIM key may be needed.

Question – Since the email forwarding is coming from Cloudflare servers, where can we find the DKIM records needed?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please send the email headers (in email’s option > view source) at sven (at) Cloudflare.

We actually shipped automatically signing with DKIM earlier this week.

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Sent. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Confirmed the DKIM signature is working in tests, so far so great.

It would be nice to have a way to add a signature from our own domain too. Currently, if the original message is not DKIM signed, then it shows up in gmail as via Can’t avoid the via, but via would be nicer :slight_smile:

Does that mean a DKIM key is not required at the custom domain level, and only the Cloudflare mail server needs it? (at least for email forwarding)

Only to confirm, does this mean email users won’t need individual DKIM keys; and rather this is handled back-end with Cloudflare mail servers?

It’s handled by default on Cloudflare’s end, I can’t tell if we are going to have user specific keys in the future.

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