Email forwarding and Spam

Hi There,

I have a few domains with Cloudflare and use the email routing feature to allow emails to route through from those domains to my family and I. This has been working fine however recently I have noticed that my emails are frequently ending up in spam and I sometimes cannot receive email. This was particularly so recently when I was on the phone with someone at the bank that could not get a mail to me until I gave them the email address that my other address routes to, at which point it worked.

I would like to keep this address as we have had it for 20 years but I equally would rather not move it to GoDaddy as seems to be required to have my Microsoft account use a personal email address.

I wondered about DMARC, DKIM and SPF and my DNS has entries for the first and last but not DKIM. Is it possible to set this up? As the mail essentially goes out through I presume that would have to be setup with their information or is there an SMTP server here that I should be configuring too?

Any help you can give me would be gratefully appreciated.

Hi There,

I believe this happens because too many of the forwarded emails were marked as spam by the end recipient of those emails or by the automatic filters. Email forwarding and spam never worked very well together.

I’m not sure about Outlook, but at least Google Workspace (not the free legacy version) does have a way to whitelist IP addresses.

This is half my problem. I’ve been a google user since you could have unlimited accounts for free way back. Now they have shut that down I wanted to move. I’ve been using the client against the google mail back end for some time so I though lets do it via MS as I pay MS for the 365 Home service anyway.

I figured out today that the problem seems to be because my mail goes out as

[email protected] on behalf of [email protected]. I think this has led to it being marked as spam and I suspect the ones that should be coming in to the Cloudflare redirector are just not being sent or filtered prior to redirection.

Feels like I am getting forced down a line where I I will have to move the domain to GoDaddy :frowning:

Well, they didn’t shut it down after all.