Email form problem

We have the same problem since we started using Cloudflare today, we started having errors on all our emails and contact forms. After several trials we were able to make it work by disabling Google recaptcha V3 that was working fine on our WordPress CF7 site before CF. We really don’t want to reinstall GRV2 that could possibly be an alternative as we don’t have space in the forms for it, how can we get back our GRV3 under CF?
Could it be a new DNS line that is needed to work on CF?
Any ideas are appreciated.
Thank you

HI there,
As a reference, we have just realized now how faster our site became without recaptcha… we knew it was a bit of a drag, but on mobile we got a 30% jump in speed! We are definitely better off without recaptcha!
So we researched about the subject and found this fantastic article about it here, that in fact explains the exactly thing we notice, that google recatcha is a massive drag for website performance, especially on mobiles. A brilliant solution suggested is the so called “honeypot” method, and we will try to implement it instead of the recaptha.
Anyway, thank you.

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