Email Essentials from Godaddy connected to domain at Cloudflare

Hello Everyone,

I am trying connect my Microsoft email essentials email address to my domain that is proxied through Cloudflare and directed to Kajabi. At least I think that is what is going on. Anyway. Godaddy sent specific directions and what to paste in to the the CNAME, MX, TXT and SRV records. Cloudflare takes all but the TLS protocol. It kicks it back saying it exposes the original IP. Godaddy can’t help and I can’t find the answer in Cloudflare support? I am not an expert for sure! All I am trying to do is create an email with my custom domain. But since the domain is actually on Cloudflare it won’t seem to work. Make Sense?

Any help you be greatly appreciated!


Hi @tyemurphy,

The warning about a record exposing your IP is to be expected if your emails are hosted on the same server as your website. If that’s the case, you will just have to add the records anyway and ignore the warning.

Thanks! We just want our email address to have our domain name instead of like gmail or something. Seems like this would be a common thing right?

Yes, it is pretty common. It’s just not possible if you aren’t happy to expose the IP, if you’re on shared hosting, it’s most likely fine anyway since it is probably already exposed…

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