Email error message: Editing DMARC in DNS record

How do I edit DNS record to avoid this error message? “The response from the remote server was: 554 5.7.5 Permanent error evaluating DMARC policy”.

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Without the domain name, it’s going to be impossible to answer your question. What is the name of your domain?

Hi ! Domain is “”

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According to dmarcian’s DMARC inspector:

Multiple DMARC records found. There should only be one.

I’d normally recommend one to delete and one to keep, but I’m not particularly fond of either of your DMARC records. Sending reports to a mailbox usually is quite unpleasant. They are best sent to a reporting service. If you aren’t using one, you might try Cloudflare’s DMARC Management beta. I recommend against letting it alter your SPF records if you opt to try it out. Whatever you do, be sure you only have one DMARC record and only one SPF record. (You only have one SPF now. I just mention it so that you know that only one SPF per label is allowed.)

Thank you very much for the insight!!! I’ll jump onto and have a play with it now.

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