Email Encryption not working


After having Cloudflare on my website had an issue with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. After chatting with Hosting they identified the conflict and turned off encryption.

What do I need to do to make sure Cloudflare do not conflict?

Cloudflare has nothing to do with email encryption. Transport encryption (TLS) is done at your host and email encryption is up to you, using PGP or S/MIME certificates.

What’s the exact issue?

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Did they specify which encryption they disabled and how they did it?

They turned off this setting of WP Mail SMTP plugin

Cloudflare has nothing to do with encryption at that hostname. SMTP connections go straight to the IP address of that mail server. If that’s the same “Hosting” that owns that server, they should know better.

MXToolbox says TLS is working at that server (Click on SMTP Test):


That’s where I was headed and wanted to ensure they didn’t have them mucking everything up. :wink: As for using GoDaddy & SSL/TLS authentication for email, I’m 99% sure GoDaddy did not support authentication from hosted apps (not from remote mail clients) unless that changed within that last year.


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