Email Domain Not Receiving emails

I have an issue with our email domain not receiving emails. After contacting Microsoft Support and going through the Admin Center and domain settings, we came to Cloudflare to update MX, TXT, CNAME, and NS with Microsoft support. After updating and waiting nearly an hour we are still running into the same situation. Microsoft basically told me to contact Cloudflare support and I can’t seem to find a way to contact support. I am not sure where to go to from here and really need to get this back up and running for our small business.


  1. What domain?

  2. What MX, TXT, CNAME and NS record(s) did Microsoft Support ask you to change?

  3. If you scroll down on your DNS records page, what name servers are you assigned to?

  4. Can you share a list, perhaps a screenshot, of the MX, TXT, CNAME and NS record(s) you have tried to add or update, so we can see how they appear in your Cloudflare Dashboard?

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