Email doesn't work with Gmail

I usually use Gmail to receive my emails. But since I’ve set up Cloudflare, it cannot connect to email anymore. I’ve checked the tutorial about how to set it up and changed my cloud (:orange: ) to grey (:grey: ) already.
Probably, it’s just a small thing I am missing but I haven’t been able to access my emails for days and I am running out of ideas to try.

I would be so thankful if anyone can let me know what I am doing wrong.

Your domain is not configured for Google but appears to go to Siteground’s mail.

Generally your MX setup looks all right, so emails should arrive. What exactly is the error you are getting? Typically that really is just a proxied record and you’d need to make sure the record is :grey:.

Thank you for having a look. It says when I open my Gmail that there is a connection error of the POP3. I can see my mails in the Siteground dashboard but I’d much rather keep receiving them to my Gmail inbox the way I used to. I had connected my Siteground inbox with gmail and emails used to be transferred to my inbox without any problem before.

I assume you’ll be connecting to your naked domain, change the host to mail in that case in your Gmail configuration.

I am not sure how to do that? In this window?

That looks all right and does point to the unproxied host.

What’s the domain? And post a screenshot of the actual error.

Martin has mysterious and secret sources :smile:

But yeah, the mail record of that domain is unproxied and Google should connect directly to it. If you get any mail related error, then I am afraid that would be a case for your mail provider. If you unproxied that only recently, it might be that Google is still trying to connect to Cloudflare, but you’d need to post the error for that.

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By domain, you mean website domain? it’s

This will be most likely something mail server related. What does “View details” say?

Just the mail fetch history. So do I better contact Siteground or Google for this?

All right, that’s from a few days ago, the record might have been proxied at that point. Do you still experience the issue now?

Yes, the error is still there. I haven’t found a way to ask Google to try to reconnect because the way it looks it hasn’t even tried to reconnect within the last two days

Can you post a screenshot of the current error?

But the hostname does resolve fine - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool - and if there is a connectivity issue you’d need to clarify this either with Google or with your host. Cloudflare won’t be involved here I am afraid.

This is the current one. And if you click on “details” it leads to the error message from the screenshot I have already posted. Nothing changes.

In that case it would seem as if nothing ran since Saturday. Maybe remove the whole address from your account and set it up from scratch. Unfortunately we are now a tad beyond the scope of the forum as this is not a Cloudflare related issue at this point any more.

Ok, thanks a lot for your time and help. Have an amazing day, Sandro

Thank you, you too.

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