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Hello. I’m new to Cloudflare, beyond my abilities really but was advised it is required for site security…
However, my single email address is encountering problems. My emails to Microsoft accounts are rejected and my emails to protonmail addresses are flagged as ‘failed authentication requirements’.
I’ve had a stab at entering additional DNS details based on advice from my site host and elsewhere - but no joy in resolving the issue.
my site is

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Without knowing all the sources you use to send email, it’s impossible to know if your SPF is complete. You might want to try these tools.

Hello and thanks for helping.
This what I got back on the first test:

Warnings / Errors

Your DMARC record “p” tag (p stands for policy) is set to “none”, which does not prevent abuse

That’s correct, but it is a good idea to start with a policy of none if you don’t yet know how a more rigorous policy will impact your messages. As you monitor actual data, you can then make an informed to apply a stronger policy.

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