Email DNS settings for alias domain

I am using G-suite email. I have set up an alias domain with corresponding emails.

My primary email accounts are working perfectly (all 5 MX records are correct in the DNS)

The alias email accounts are able to send, but they can not receive.

Am I supposed to create the same 5 MX records in the alias DNS records as well (even though they are already set in the primary)?

I am a bit lost if anyone can advise

May I ask, Google Workspace or? :thinking:
How did you configured those alias in Google Workspace admin interface? :thinking:
Did you maybe selected an option to restrict them from sending/receiving?

An email alias is assigned to only one user, so any emails sent to the alias goes to the user’s primary email inbox.

For the example, the primary user is [email protected] while it’s alias is [email protected]. An e-mail sent to aliasuser would be in userA mailbox.

Example: [email protected] wants a separate email address for sales inquiries. He sets up the email alias [email protected]. Mail sent to either address goes to Bill’s inbox.


Yes. When a sending MTA (Mail Transfer Agent, also known as a mail server) has a message to relay, it looks up the MX records for the domain portion of the recipient email address. If your primary domain is and your alias domain is you need to publish MX records in the zone so that sending MTA knows where to direct the emails.

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thank you

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