Email DNS Issues

Dear {redacted}

I need your support please,
Or for our emails: {redacted}

Customers cannot send us emails to our company emails they get an error that there is a domain issue.

Please we need your support regarding the email and domain issues.

Also according to this tool. Domain Health Check - Online Domain Tools - Blacklist, Email, Website, DNS - MxToolBox

We have 3 Errors that need to be fixed related to DNS.

1- we should have a published DMARC record. DMARC Records are published via DNS as a text(TXT) record

2-SPF records must now only be published as a DNS TXT (type 16) Resource Record (RR) [RFC1035]

Your support is appreciated

Kind Regards

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Your MX records point to valid inbound mail servers.

Can you show the actual error?

Please don’t flag specific users, as they are not your personal support staff.

For issues regarding DNS records for email delivery, I suggest you check out They can analyze your DNS and make recommendations. Cloudflare will publish whatever TXT records you add based upon those recommendations.


Dear @ sdayman,

Thank you for your quick reply and support.

The problem started after we strating adding Mailgun as a plugin and to our domain records.
Now we removed mailgun but we want to use it for our website contact form automatic emails later…

But also I can see from the tool you shared that our domain still needs the following records, this is what I got from the tool you sent me:


Your domain does not have a DMARC record. Your domain is at risk to being abused by phishers and spammers.

Please advice

Kind Regards

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DMARC/SPM/DKIM is for outbound emails. Nice to have, but not mandatory. Those aren’t involved when someone just wants to shoot you an email. That would use an MX record which points to a working mail server.

Sure, but Cloudflare is not involved with email. With the exception of DNS records, and yours are fine for inbound email. Your mail host should be able to diagnose any issues with inbound email.


Thanks for your reply.

So whom should I contact to add DMARC
And also to add mailgun MX records without causing issues to our domain and emails.

Our domain and emails are purchased from Godaddy and for hosting we are using Kinsta

Thank you for your time

Kind Regards

Whoever manages your DNS, typically yourself. If you are not receiving email, then DMARC will not help. If you post the error your customers are getting it would help, but in general as Cloudflare only provides DNS for email the issue will probably be somewhere else.

You will probably be ignored permanently if you keep flagging people. Exactly the same as what happens when you click your fingers at the staff in a bar or restaurant.

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Nothing more to add than what Michael already wrote.

Well, except for one thing of course. If your server IP address ends in 163 then you have an insecure site right now.


Dear thank you for your reply,

I just spoke with mail provider godaddy, they told me I need to speak with cloudflare which where my DNS is, in order to Add DMARC Records to DNS.
I want to Add DMARC records.

I dont know what you mean by flagging people. I only sent one mention in cloudflare community regarding my issue today.

I assure you I am not clicking my fingers. I only replied to the same person who replied to me.
I tried to find a support email in cloudflare and i didnt find anything so the only option was the communtiy.

Thank you for understanding

Kind Regards

Thank you for your reply and support.
So i will need to speak to my hosting provider to fix the security issue from the IP address you mean?

Thank you

Thanks… helped me improve/tune my DMARC record.

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