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I’ve tried some the suggestions in the help section but nothing is working. We have been without email for several days. I’m uploading the dns for Cloudflare and our hosting. Perhaps someone smarter than me can correct this.

Hi @user21245,

Your mail A record should be unproxied.

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This doesn’t tell me what the mx record in my domain should be.

Well it matches the one from your host, so I’d assume they have it correct.

Bear with me. This is all new to me.

The mx record on my domain is ||14400|MX|Priority: 0

and this is what appears in Cloudflare
|A|mail||DNS only

That looks correct and matches your host so should be fine. If it’s still not working, what exactly is broken and how?

we cant send or recieve mail. Not even webmail.

What error do you see?

on outlook it states "not connected to: [email protected]

on webmail, there’s no error, it’s like there’s no mail at all.

That most likely means the specified server is the root domain and not the :grey: mail hostname.

You might have to get your host to troubleshoot this then as it’s very difficult if mail is not bouncing or showing any error for us to figure it out.

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Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

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I would turn off the Proxied and do DNS Only for the autoconfig, autodiscover, mail, webmail.

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