Email DKIM setup failure with Amazon SES

Hi there

I’m having issues with getting email DKIM with Amazon SES setup correctly. This looks like the same (unresolved) issue this user was having a few years ago:

I’ve entered the Amazon CNAME details and it’s not working. This has happened with other email domains I’ve set up years ago, but this is the first time I’ve reported it.

Please help.

That’s just DNS. As long as the DNS record is set to :grey:, it’s up to you and Amazon to get that coordinated. When it comes to validating my DNS records, I use to see how they look around the world.

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SES + DKIM + Cloudflare works fine, but AWS can be slow about validating it. Sometimes it’ll tell you it’s invalid for hours or days, but it always goes through eventually. That’s entirely an issue on Amazon’s end, though; if you can verify that the records exist, you should contact their support.

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Thanks @sdayman - turning the cloud to “grey” is what did the trick. After toggling to grey, the DKIM validated immediately.