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Delete your mx records. Immediately.

I delete from Cloudflare dns records list MX ? okay ?

And if you have an MX value of setup within GoDaddy or Wordpress, delete it.

How will that help fix the mail issue?

@promaxestate, click the :orange: next to the A record named ‘mail’ to turn it :grey: and leave your MX record pointing to and your mail should work OK if it is configured correctly at your host.

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I would also suggest you delete the 2 NS records which appear to be pointing to GoDaddy, as Cloudflare is providing your DNS, you shouldn’t need those.

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It will stop the exposure of his local resources. Better to delete all of the mx records from each “installation” source than risk security breaches. Mail can wait to be setup properly.

That’s if - an unknown I personally would not risk.

Umm… I somehow think that will cause way more issues than it will solve. Deleting the MX record will stop the mail from working. Yes - the origin IP will be visible, but this looks like shared hosting to me so the mail will probably be hosted on the same server as the website, which means this is inevitable and the IP has probably been on show for a long time!

Ref: An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address

  1. Mail can be properly configured later. A stoppage of mail for a bit of time is far better than an open attack vector.

  2. So, using the logic that the origin IP has been exposed for a long time already, therefore do nothing to remediate the issue, why bother to fix any security issues ever, which this is.

Sorry, not discussing this. Way off-topic now.

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Agreed. Let’s stick to performance.