Email delivery problem (Directadmin)


I have a headache trying to find a solution without any success

i’m using Directadmin as my web control panel and Cloudflare nameservers for all my domains so i set up every single domain with the provided data in DNS Management section in Directadmin…The problem i don’t receive any email and even the email can’t be sent…the port 25 is open and i think i have a problem with MX record

Here is the result

Can anyone help to seewhat’s going on?

You have a valid MX record which points to, which in turn points to a 107 address. Assuming that IP address is correct email should arrive at the machine.

Though, it seems no SMTP service is running on that machine. Why that is, is a question for whomever maintains your mailserver however.

You should contact your host (or mail provider).

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