Email delivery not working from gmail?

when I try to send emails to my domain from a gmail account they are not delivered. When I try to send messages from another email address the messages go through… Guess there is something messed up with my MX records?

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Are you sending from the same Gmail address that your Cloudflare Email Routing is forwarding to?

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No Sir…

Just an idea, but maybe wavedigital → wavedigital is working because it is routed locally, thus bypassing the MX record.

To help you without just guessing we would need to know your domain.

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You currently have no MX record. There is no way for you to receive email from any external sources.


[email protected]

Oh, I’m stupid. I read wavedigital-tech and assumed it was a hosting platform.

Well, the emails are obviously routed locally then, which explains why they arrive.

To fix it, what said.


So am I. That puts you in good company :smirk:

I read:

and immediately jumped onto the assumption that it was related to Cloudflare Email Routing without running the obligatory dig mx ${domain}. Sometimes we need a reminder of why we always check the obvious things that we know would never be wrong.

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