Email deliverability issues

I need some help with emails getting lost.

the url is

I registerred my domain name at heart Internet. I have my dns at Cloudflare. The website is hosted at cloudways but I have a hosting account at where the email is managed. i am also using sendgrid.

I know next to nothing about emails / dns, so I know I’m playing with fire, but I don’t have any other options and I’m stretching my knowledge and abilities at this point.

I have an email address, [email protected], which we have been hearing from customers who have been trying to get in touch, that they have been getting bounces or just not hearing from us.

I have logged into my cpanel at krystal and tried to improve my deliverability by tweaking the strikemail settings, and the Email Deliverability screen also told me to set up a DKIM and SPF record on my DNS. I can only get the DKIM to work. I have deleted the SPF/TXT record as my email deliverability screen in cpanel said it wasn’t set up properly. How do I set it up properly and could this solve my problems?

does my set up sound like it’s ok?

is there a better way?

So is the issue receiving or sending emails?

As for the former, your MX records seem to be correctly in place and emails should be delivered to the Krystal servers. If there are any issues you would need to contact them about that.

As for sending, this is where the records you mentioned come into play. You currently only have the following SPF record set up

v=spf1 ~all

Generally you can send emails though, right? Thats not strictly a Cloudflare issue but rather a general mail setup one.

I can send and receive, but we have been having some issues in receiving, with many emails “going missing” we do not know how many.

I suppose this is a general mail set up question, yes.

In that case you need to contact your mail provider. It will certainly help them though, if you can provide them with as many details as you can, e.g. bounce emails etc.

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