Email conflicts

I’ve been getting messages from Google about the DMARC for two weeks. I also can’t send WP Mail SMTP test emails and I can’t even receive work emails in Gmail. Could it be a problem that depends on you?

If you set your email address as the RUA in your DMARC policy, you will receive DMARC reports to that address. It is not recommended to use a personal mailbox as an RUA. It is better use the address provided by your DMARC reporting service, such as dmarcian or others.

Cloudflare does not provide an email sending service. You will need to use another provider to send email. I am partial to Mailgun, but there are many options available.

Are you referring to domain emails that you are forwarding with Cloudflare’s Email Routing services? The documentation is rather comprehensive and includes some troubleshooting sections.

From your answers it seems that it’s not a Cloudflare issue. I contact the hosting support again and I will ask for the intervention of the administrators. Thank you.

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