Email confirm cloudflare not send

Hello support team,

I’ve been trying for a few days using an email address that is on the same domain whose DNS I changed to Cloudflare. However, I still haven’t received the verification email. I tried clicking resend a few times without success.

I can also confirm that there are no emails in my junk or spam folders.

Interestingly, I was able to sign up, receive emails, and verify my account on the Cloudflare community, but not on the main website. You can help?

I’ve looked through a few other threads where people have run into similar issues, and I’m wondering if my email address may have also ended up on the suppression list, since I had to adjust the MX settings in the DNS settings to be able to receive emails.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @user18213 can you try again now and see if you receive the verification email?

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Incredible, now it works!



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