Email configuration

I’m attempting to connect an outside email service through webmail - I had it configured with another host prior and now I am not receiving any inbound email. Not sure of what to do or where to go to remedy this.

If your domain is using Cloudflare services, kindly make sure to have an A mail DNS record pointed to the correct IP address and this DNs record being :grey: cloud (DNS only).

Also, have an MX record which is pointed to that exact A mail record.

Kindly, see below article for the steps needed how to propperly configure and make sure your e-mail is working while using Cloudflare for your domain:

Furthermore, there could be some other issues like, if you were using or not an SSL connection, which port, which type (IMAP, POP3 for receiving, and SMTP for sending), did you have had an existing TXT type of DNS records for SPF, DKIM and/or DMARC configuration, which could possibly not allow or block receiving or sending e-mails from unauthenticated account or an unaothirzed IP address or a sending mail server, etc.

Do not forget to go step-by-step to troubleshoot all the issue(s) what could be, if so :wink:

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