Email Configuration Cloudflare and cPanel with Subdomain as Root Account

Hi, I put my cPanel root account to subdomain. Let’s say i have domain mydomain,com. Then the root account of cPanel is in the server10,mydomain,com.

Both of them have different IP. Example mydomain,com ( and server10.mydomain,com (

All cPanel account that created by root account (server10.mydomain,com) go to mydomain,com IP ( So, if I created it will have IP

End then, i put mydomain,com to cloudflare. I’ve add
A record for mydomain,com, cpanel, whm, webdisk, webmail point to with proxied and no problem with it.

Then, I add server10.mydomain,com too on the DNS settings of mydomain,com
A record server10, cpanel.server10, whm.server10, webdisk.server10, webmail.server10 point to with DNS only

The problem is I cannot send email from and mydomain,com. They are Wordpress site with same mail plugin, and they are working just fine before I connect mydomain,com to cloudflare. But, they can send email from webmail. The email hostname is the same mail.{thedomain}.com.

Here is my current email configuration
A mail.server10.mydomain,com DNS Only
A server10.mydomain,com point to DNS Only
MX server10.mydomain,com, mail server mail.server10.mydomain,com DNS Only
MX server10.mydomain,com, mail server server10.mydomain,com DNS Only

A mydomain,com to Proxied
CNAME mail, content: mydomain,com Proxied
MX mydomain,com, mail server: mydomain,com DNS Only

If there’s any solution of my issue, I’ll be glad.

I’m sorry so much typo in my post. I’m little bit nervous.

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