Email con subdominio diferente ip no funciona

Hola, llevo dias y no hay manera, he añadido con una ip diferente que es donde se esta usando el correo email, asi si se muestra la ip no es la original de la web original.

A mail ip diferente en gris no pasa por cloudflare
mx mail domain

alguna idea porque no hay manera que funcione ?

en cambio si pongo cloudflare en pausa funciona a la 1 los emails.


DNS for Email services need to be set to :grey:.

What is the subdomain?

hello, if that’s the subdomain
It has been gray since 1 day since I was reading the info but it still does not work and with different ip.


What I was putting wrong was the normal pop + smpt server is:
When putting A mail with a different IP, you have to put as a server of pop + smpt and it works!

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