Email change issue - too many requests

I am a Cloudflare DNS user. I am using the basic free account. I am trying to change my email address in account profile. Im using a Mac with safari, Big Sur and Firefox. In either case, this process seems to be very problematic. I enter my new email address 2x and the current password. When I hit save, I get a red dialog box at the bottom ‘Too Many request…’ This process seems to be more difficult than it should. Any ideas why this happens ? Ive tried this about 5x. I got the dialog on the very first one.

Did this resolve itself? If not, try a different browser (Safari) or Private Mode.

Ive tried private mode and all the basics. Im going to try an a different computer altogether and see how it goes

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If all else fails, open a ticket. I think I needed assistance when I changed my email address, but not due to a “Too many requests” error.

If you are trying to change it from the same account you are using here then you need to verify the current email address first and then change it. Let us know if that helps.

So, I was able to do this with Chrome on another computer and it finally worked. The experience was still weird. After I changed the email address, there was a quick dialog box displayed and I was logged off and brought back to the login screen. I was able to login using the new email address.

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