Email catchall dropping instead of forwarding

I have set up a new domain with one email address and a catchall, both forwarded (in theory) to the same gmail address.

Email sent to the custom address are properly forwarded.

However, email sent to other addresses are “caught” and then dropped (not forwarded).


I have tried to activate/deactivate catchall, re-type the target gmail address, to no avail.

What can be done so that catchall does forward emails instead of dropping them?

Are you using Email Workers to process your messages (and forwards)?

If so, it’s normal that they show as “Dropped”, even though they are handled (and forwarded) just fine.

Otherwise, …

What exactly does the Activity Log say, when you expand each Dropped item?

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No I’m not using Email Workers, just the simplest catchall with forwarding.
The activity log says this:

(It says that same thing for dropped or forwarded emails though)

Aaaand… it suddenly started working! About 4 hours after first setting everything up… Maybe that’s normal? All that was needed was to wait! :wink:

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