EMail broken on every domain I've brought to you

EMail services is broken on two domains name Iìve brought to Cloudflare? Does a free account not include email. One only has a forwarding address and after the destination mailbox was confirmed it prompted to delete a DNS record to be replaced with Cloudflares, up on which - no email.

So I checked another free account, no mailboxes off which can get emails either - DNS propagation is well finished on that too. Undelivables immediately. I’m reverting DNS on both of these accounts as email is more important than a splash screen that just makes a website appear to load faster.

Cloudflare does not offer email mailbox services, neither on free nor paid.

This sounds like you activated Email Routing, which only forwards emails to an existing mailbox you already have. You should probably disable Email Routing and recreate your previous DNS records.

Which email service are you using for your domains? I recommend you doublecheck that all DNS records from your previous DNS provider were properly imported into Cloudflare. If not, create them before you change the nameservers to Cloudflare again.


Yes, I’m not to sure what’s going on. The first one I noticed didn’t have a mailbox on it anyway as it’s just a wordpress site that I used a different domain names email address for anyway. Of course today I went to register the site on trustpilot (who would would only accept an email on the domain, so I though I set up the mail routing), confirmed the address that worked, set the forward and nothing - just undeliverables. Now just set an SPF record too with the IP and domain name so I’ll check that tomorrow.

The other domain I did the other day and only noticed it wasn’t getting email today although and enabled another three things it asked on DNS so I’ll check that one tomorrow too. SMTP’s meant to float about for a few days and keep retrying anyway, so hopefully it’ll all coming in when it finds out where it’s home is - bit like me after a few too many beers. lol

I’m guessing all the records are still intact on my hosting cPanel as was, so all good there even if I have to delete it and try again.

I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks for the response.

Cloudflare Email Routing is not the most reliable way to receive emails. There’s a lot that can go wrong with forwarding, and I would recommend to not use it unless you are in full control of the receiving mail server.

Also make sure that for the other domain, all DNS records used for email (for example in your MX record) are set to DNS only.

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No, you’ve misunderstood. I’m sending mails out, relaying via Sendgrid (which rewrites all the unsubscribe URLs to their own) and now people when they click the unsubscribe link can’t get back to my server. I think it’s a DNS - might have to go back to my DNS server, break the connection, then readd it. Either that or if they give me the records again (I think it 3 Cnames and a TXT, mostly SPF and DMARC), I’ll recreate them on here. Had another complaint today, but it’s obviously not name propegation - I’ve spoken to sendgrid - if they didn’t add that prefix to my domain name, it works.

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