Email broken after transfering to Cloudflare, China issue?

Hi, I moved a website to Cloudflare on Tuesday, everything was working with no issues including email, until today (Thursday) when email stopped working. Here are my DNS settings, can anyone see any obvious issues here?

The people using this email are based in China, I’ve been informed this may be an issue to do with the great firewall, could this be the case? Has anyone had experience running a Cloudflare site through China?

Mail records should not be proxied and be set to “DNS only”. In your case likely these are the records for imap, smtp, pop and maybe mail if that’s not a webmail service.

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Thanks, I’ve move the site back to the old DNS records for now, but maybe this potentially could be the issue. I had reports from the staff in China that they were able to access the email through a VPN, so maybe cloudflare acting as a proxy was falling foul of the great firewall? Could this have been be a potential issue?

Though a VPN, the staff are connecting into your infrastructure and likely resolving those names internally. Without a VPN, while proxied, those hosts resolve to Cloudflare IP addresses, not your mail host.

No guarantee the China firewall won’t mess you up, but as you have things now they won’t work anyway from inside or outside China.

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Thanks for your help, I’ve updated the settings and am going to switch the DNS back to Cloudflare soon. All the cname records that are related to email are now switched to DNS only. Can you see any other obvious issues?

Once again, thanks for the assistance!

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