My question pertains to Email & Possibly hosting. Wordpress website, Bluehost, emails running through Gmail. I added Cloudflare (because my website was super slow) and now can’t send email via Gmail (but I still receive). Bluehost technical support told me that they no longer host my site and that Cloudflare would be able to help. Is this correct? I’m on the ‘Free’ plan at Cloudflare for now, so I’d assume there’s no actual hosting, am I just confused?

Bluehost is a Cloudflare partner, so I hope they know what they’re doing :confused: Maybe you just got an intern.

Do you get an error message in gmail when you try to send mail? Also, do you have access to the Google Admin console?

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I get an error message 24 hrs later, saying it hasn’t been able to send. That repeats in 24 hour intervals for a few days. I’m only now looking at the Google Admin console (I’m non technical, so this is a bit of a process for me). Is that the ideal way to get this all set up or should I still be doing this through Bluehost? The tech support literally told me that they do nothing for me, to the point where I asked why I give them money and they said “because you’re on autorenew”. Should I reengage them and hope for a different person?

Bluehost maintains that Cloudflare is my host and that cancelling my Bluehost services/account will have no impact on my website. Does this seem accurate?

No, no and no!

Cloudflare is not a host, you still have a web host, in this case Bluehost. If you removed your Bluehost account, your website would definitely be impacted!

I have to agree with @Judge, this is quite a worrying response from a Cloudflare partner. If you can, I would ask for the support ticket to be escalated.


This is quite concerning (two different representatives), I think I might just take this as a sign that I should migrate that out of bluehost. Any suggestions for a low(ish) budget option?

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