Email blocked - I'm lost :(

I run a website for an author and it’s been hacked. Unfortunately, I don’t host the site myself and the person that does has gone AWOL. I know next to nothing about the hosting side of things, all I do is upload the site when I’ve updated it. I’ve tweaked minor things in cPanel, but that’s about it.

Anyway, I’ve deleted all the hacked files and re-uploaded everything clean, but I need to stop this from happening again. Somebody suggested that I use Cloudflare and here I am. Everything seems to be working ok, but I cannot get the email to work. I can’t even log into Outlook anymore.

I’ve read tons of topics online that tell me to make sure the A record has the grey cloud, etc. but I’ve done that and I’m still clearly missing something. If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be really, really grateful. This is all way over my head :frowning:

Here’s what the current DNS stuff looks like:

Hi @trashmail,

Cloudflare can help with a lot of things, but it depends on how the site as compromised. If someone gained access to the server, Cloudflare can’t really help with that.

As for your email, your MX record currently points to a non-existent hostname. Try adding an A record pointing to the same IP as the others, but make sure it’s set to :grey:.

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Thanks for the reply. Cloudflare was just one of the things the person told me to use, as well as the obvious things like change passwords etc.

I’ve added that new line, but it’s still saying the passwords are wrong in Outlook. They definitely aren’t.

Most likely Outlook is set to connect to, which is :orange:. Make sure it’s connecting to the :grey:

Outlook is trying to connect to

Do you definitely have the right IP there? Should it be .83 rather than .93 at the end?

I know, I just noticed that came back here and say that… What an idiot :slight_smile:

I changed that and Outlook still didn’t work. But I’ve re-added the Outlook account from scratch and now it’s all working! Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated :o)

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No problem, we’ve all done something like that before :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m glad it’s all working now, anyway!

Thanks again, have a good weekend :slight_smile:


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