Email blacklisting issues from Smelly Brown Host (akaBlueHost)

Just looking for some ideas, advice, and/or guidance on an issue…

We have a dedicated server hosting about 25 domains, with BlueHost, and for the most part it’s fine because the sites aren’t high-traffic sites. The problem is that recently almost all of the IPs we have are in IP blocks that have been blacklisted by SpamHaus and others. BH says there is nothing they can do about it. The IP goes on 2 lists, a week later gets removed and all is well, then back on, and off, and etc…

We thought about using something like AWS SES, but from what I’ve read the originating IP would still be listed in the email trail, which I believe the blacklists would still be able to see, and the blacklisting continues.

Other than moving to another host, are there options to avoid this?


Did you try searching here for similar issues?

I looked at the issues that came up when I wrote my question, but didn’t really know what to search for as it was more a general DNS issue. I’m honestly a bit bemused by the whole situation so really just wanted to know if anyone had any similar experiences.


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