Email beta still not avilable even though I received an email saying otherwise

Hi there!

I signed up for the Email beta a couple of days ago and then received an email saying

Your zone ******* has now access to the Email Routing Beta. You can access Email Routing in the Cloudflare dashboard. Select your account and zone, and click Email.

But when I go to the page I still see the greyed out button that says access requested I also sometimes see a red banner error at the bottom of the page

I can also confirm that it’s not a browser cache, I tried logging in to a different browser and got the same result.

Any help is very appreciated, thanks!

This should not be possible, once email routing is granted then you should be able to access the respective credentials :+1:

Any help from Cloudflare support?

I have the same issue. I requested email routing access for two domains a few weeks ago. A couple days ago I got the emails for both domains saying email beta is now available for them a few hours apart. One domain has access and I was able to set it up. The other domain has the same issue as yours, the “access requested” button still exists, and no access to the service is available. This is clearly a bug with their systems that they need to address.

Email Routing goes to public beta!

Known limitations,